VeganQueenCuisine Presents: Rejuvenation! The 100% plant-based energy beverage with amazing health benefits without the jitters or crashes.

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Vegan Energy Drink, NO JITTERS, NO CRASHES, just pure bliss. Helps with focus and attentiveness throughout the day. Great coffee replacement.

Helps with blood sugar, blood pressure, weight loss, and skin health

Drink 16oz a day for the best results

Option 1: Contains: pineapple, ginger, cinnamon, honey comb, guyasa, water, lemon

Option 2: Contains: Apple, cinnamon, honey comb, guyasa, water 

About the Company

VeganQueenCuisine was founded in January 2020, on the campus of Tuskegee University. Anna Cobb a senior at the time wanted to bring the dishes she was raised on to her campus. VeganQueenCuisine originated as a campus based catering buisness. During the first month of opening we reached all buisness goals and surpassed them. Sadly, COVID-19 hit and her university was forced to shut down. Anna then returned to her family in Washington D.C, but she did not want to give up on her business she had worked so hard to create. She took six dedicated months working multiple jobs to finally come up with Rejuvenation. This energy drink and detoxifying drink has been years in the making. From failed recipes and horrifying allergic reactions. We have finally put together the perfect cobination of raw, natural ingrediants. Between the richness of the pineapple to the spice of the ginger. This drink will aid you in ways you did not see possible. Your body is a temple so treat it like one. Rejuvenate the Groove you were born with. Get Rejuvenated with Rejuvenation.